4 false facts about abortion

I’ve grown so weary of hearing blatant misinformation about abortion spouted off as true. Here are a few of the top abortion myths that make me cringe.

#1) A woman has a right to choose.

This is just a semantic game. No verb is without a subject; no choice is without a set to be chosen from. So when we say a woman has a right to choose, the most appropriate response is “to choose what?” What choice does this woman have the right to make? Certainly very few people would argue that a woman has a right to choose to kill her 2-year-old. Why should anyone have a right to choose to kill a pre-birth child?

#2) Abortion is a healthcare decision.

What other situation can you think of in which someone is allowed to kill another person, given that the second person poses a health risk to the first? Notice that I am not here talking about ectopic pregnancy, which is the only case in which abortion may save the life of the mother. I’m only pointing to abortions that are carried out for the immediate health of the mother. Things like preeclampsia and eclampsia are treatable. Granted, it’s hard, but hard treatment does not justify killing a human person.

#3) If you make abortion illegal, it will just make it harder on people who want to get abortions.

This argument always baffles me, but it pops up in nearly every conversation I have about abortion. If we make abortion illegal, women will still have abortions in back alleys, and that’s dangerous, therefore abortion should be legal so that women don’t have to go through all that danger. It’s an amalgam of gibberish. The question that I have to ask is why should we make something legal just to accommodate the person breaking the law? If abortion really does end a human life, and if that is really wrong, then why should we make abortion okay just so the mother doesn’t have to go through a lot of hassle to kill her child? It doesn’t make sense.

#4) Abortion is a women’s rights issue.

If abortion only affected women, I could understand that. But a little over half of the children terminated by abortion would be boys, if they survived. So the real issue at hand is a human rights issue — is the fetus a legitimate member of the human community? A genuine human person? As Greg Koukl has said, “If the fetus is not a human person, no justification for abortion is needed. If the fetus is a human person, no justification for abortion will suffice.” Abortion cannot be framed as a women’s rights issue because it affects everyone, regardless of gender. The abortion debate hinges entirely on one question: What is the fetus?

I certainly hope this short post was interesting. I hope to hear your opinion below: What “facts” about abortion give you the shivers? Disagree with something I said here? Let me know why! Dissent is expected, but so is civility. I know this is a spicy topic: Keep your cool, please.



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  1. In a conversation we had some time ago on the topic you said pro-choicers draw arbitrary lines because we say early term abortions are okay and late term abortions are not. After thinking about it I realized pro-lifers draw the same arbitrary line when you say the only time abortion is okay is when it threatens the life of the mother. What makes the mother’s life suddenly more valuable than the child’s? And if the mother’s life has ALWAYS been more valuable than the child’s, then why is abortion not okay?

    Also. Got a big problem with your claim that ectopic pregnancies are the ONLY thing that could threaten the life of the mother. Observe this extremely incomplete list of women who died in childbirth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_women_who_died_in_childbirth. Not all of them had ectopic pregnancies, obviously. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maternal_death and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complications_of_pregnancy.

    I leave you with a question. I saw a video a while ago of pro-choicers asking pro-lifers what they thought should be done with a mother who aborts her child. Since you believe abortion is murder and it should be illegal, you should have an idea of what the punishment should be for breaking that law and committing that moral crime. I’d like to know what it is.


    • Ellen,

      I don’t think it’s arbitrary at all to say that abortion is only acceptable when the life of the mother is at stake, especially when you understand the principal guiding that decision. In ectopic pregnancy, implantation has occurred in the fallopian tubes rather than the ovaries, and is a threat to the mothers life. There is no chance that the fetus can be saved. As such, it is completely consistent to choose to save the life of the mother as in any outcome the fetus will die. The reason behind the pro-life movement is simple: Human life is worth preserving, and abortion ends a human life without reason.

      Clearly pregnancy and childbirth may have complications. The answer to those complications is not to eliminate pregnancy and childbirth, however. I would argue that the only situation in which abortion is a medical necessity is ectopic pregnancy. All other situations have other treatments that can be resorted to first. If it truly comes down to a situation in which the fetus will die in any case, and the mother will survive only in the case of abortion, then abortion may be morally permissible. However in the abortion debate, this is not the kind of abortion that is being discussed. Abortion on demand for any reason is what is being discussed, and that is clearly not permissible.

      Since abortion is not illegal, there is no penalty. But you’re right, I certainly believe that it should be illegal and that there should be a punishment. Abortion would fit most closely with murder 1, being both willful and premeditated. Infanticide would not be a bad definition either. Given that abortion is murder, why shouldn’t there be a punishment?

      Always a pleasure, Ellen. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


  2. Emily

    right on!!!


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  5. Great stuff man. I would like to read a post on your arguments against someone who would say that a fetus is not a human.


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