14,611 days later: How does the Gospel speak to Roe v. Wade?

Pro-abortion march

Pro-abortion march (Photo credit: American Life League)

According to the US Abortion Clock, as of the time of this writing, 55,886,682.5 abortions have been performed in the United States since Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973. If the abortion rate remains about the same, we will pass 56,000,000 in just 29 days.

I  doubt very much that I could say anything that hasn’t already been said about January 22nd. Today is January 23rd and it seems that, for many, life simply goes on. But for me, today, life stopped.

I began to reflect today on the bloodbath that has ravaged this nation — my nation. We’ve advanced so far since Roe that now Salon staff writer Mary Elizabeth Williams rightly argues that life begins at conception, then wrongly states that this shouldn’t stop an abortion.

I have spent no small amount of time today grieving over this modern-day slaughter of the innocents. My heart breaks that so many precious human persons have lost their lives. And in this, I have been reflecting: What does the Gospel say to Roe v. Wade? How does the Gospel impact the knowledge that 22% of pregnancies in America will end in abortion?

God’s Law speaks to the Church to teach us what a good work looks like. The Law commands us “Love thy neighbor.” And for the Christian we do this in the context of abortion by loving our tiny neighbors in a faithful, ferocious defense of their life. We stand firm on this issue with our vote and our voice; if we can make an impact, while still keeping the Law of God, then we are compelled to do so. We cannot stay silent and say that we are honoring God.

But every abortion has two victims; the mother must never be neglected in our defense of the unborn. Because the Law weighs heavy on her heart, and her conscience. The Law condemns her as a murderer, and her heart, which knows this is true, condemns her as well. To love our neighbor here, we must be faithful in our proclamation that Christ, on the Cross, won forgiveness for even this great sin that grips her soul. We must always be sure our message is “there is no sin so vile that the Cross of Christ cannot answer it.” We must never miss an opportunity to joyfully invite all sorts of sinners to join us, sinners just as great, in receiving forgiveness in Jesus name.

I must humbly apologize for my personal failure to always preach the Gospel. I have been so eager in my zeal for the unborn that I have not also invited the burden-bound to the forgiveness won by Christ and His vicarious death on the Cross for my sins, your sins, and the sins of the world. Please forgive me. And if you, like I, have neglected your duties, I pray that this convicts you.

Finally, I must appeal to you, dear reader: If you carry this burden, lay it down. Come and see that Christ has borne the punishment that you and I deserve, so that you may gain His righteousness. Come find forgiveness, full and free.

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4 responses to “14,611 days later: How does the Gospel speak to Roe v. Wade?

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  2. richesdonotendure

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  3. Latoya Whittington bouldin

    It is indeed a heartbreaking reality and perplexing for me. In working with young girls I’ve come to understand that fear of consequence and fear of not measuring up, weighs heavily on them. I’ve found many young girls whose MOTHERS actually have taken them to have an abortion.
    I don’t believe that holding signs in front of an abortion clinic and screaming at these lost mothers will help. They are already operating under fear and anger. I honestly think that these women aren’t fully educated on the health and mental consequences of an abortion. Even some Christian women, before they became believers, had abortions out of fear. Out of that same fear they remain quiet.. But they shouldn’t. If more Christian women came forward to reach out to these lost mothers maybe they can understand… God will never turn his back on them. Society, and even some churches, have placed people under the impression that it is not okay to make mistakes. These girls know the options of adoption, but it’s not the baby that’s the issue.. It’s the “what will people say about me being pregnant” that overwhelms their minds. So maybe more education on abortion and more proper conditions for the children that are given up for adoption. Either way lets keep praying!! Be blessed and thanks for placing something new on my prayer list 🙂