Perry Noble and Planned Parenthood.

Perry Noble has recently published a particularly troubling blog post over on his site in which he makes the audacious claim that Planned Parenthood is “acting more Christlike” than a certain group of Christians — particularly those boycotting Girl Scout cookies this year because they allegedly raised funds for Planned Parenthood. Now, without diving into whether or not the Girl Scouts actually funded Planned Parenthood, and without responding to the entire article (the blessed Professor James Duncan has done a far better than adequate job of that already), I want to explore two lines of thought that occurred to me upon reading the drivel that dripped from Noble’s page.

The first problem with Noble’s approach is that it is blatantly hypocritical. He states “far too many ‘Christians’ always seem to be obsessed with the sins of others way more than their own faults and failures.” Pardon me, Perry… but what exactly are you doing in your post? Variating on this theme just slightly, Perry accuses us pro-lifers (and I do mean us as a group separate from Noble) of reducing the term abortion to nothing more than a “sin category,” which presumably means something we use to beat up on people and prove our self-righteousness. Yet in his post he is the one reducing the seriousness of abortion.

He says “abortion carries a scar so deep that most people never fully recover[.]” But the problem that pro-life advocates have with abortion is not that it makes people unhappy later in life — although having “locked eyes” with women who had abortions, I can agree with Perry that it is a guilt that is carried throughout life. No, the problem we have with abortion is that it destroys one of the little children whom Christ bids us bring to Him. So attempting to defund Planned Parenthood is not an effort to climb into heaven on the backs of abortionists or the women they scar, but instead it is an attempt to save precious lives and prevent emotional damage. On the other hand, Perry, by reducing the serious nature of abortion and using his new definition to beat up on those who fight death, has found his stone rolling back down on himself. He is striking out at the pro-life movement, even questioning their commitment to Christ, based on his so-called “sin category.” The great sin, in Noble’s mind is not the Slaughter of the Innocents — it is John the Baptist criticizing Herod.

Secondly, Perry makes the unholy and revealing statement that “It really is sad when Planned Parenthood and The Girl Scouts are actually acting more Christ like than many of the people who are taking aim at them through this boycott!” Read that several times. He just said that Planned Parenthood — an organization which, if on track with recent statistics, has already destroyed the lives of 31,000 unborn children this year — is acting Christ like. I almost want to leave this without commentary, but I simply cannot. Try and fathom, if you dare, what perversity Perry must have been thinking to write this kind of nonsense. To call America’s number one abortion provider “Christ like” is more than enough to disqualify you from any sort of public ministry; this is borderline demonic. Newspringers should be outraged over this: Your pastor has given tacit approval to the culture of death, and blasphemed your God while doing so. Perry, from my cheeto-stained fingertips to your ears: Please, repent of this! Calling Planned Parenthood Christlike is equivalent of saying Yahweh would rather we worship Him like the pagans worship Molech! Even if you want to outright accept the ad hominem attack (many would say the lie!) leveled at the pro-life movement that we don’t do enough for women, then criticize our position in a manner fitting your position (of course, it also might help if your church staff didn’t interfere with adoption efforts). But for a pastor to confuse The Life with death is great and terrible blasphemy.

I’ll close by saying that if you attend Newspring and you care even in the slightest for your wellbeing, you must wrestle with what your pastor said in this post. You cannot be silent on it. You must either approve of his words or call him to repent. And if he does not repent? You ought to leave. Noble is unfit to be a pastor and if you have any concern for your eternal state you will not subject yourself to this nonsense any longer. And just as a note, there is absolutely no rejoicing here. I am grieving that a man this influential in the lives of so many people I care deeply about has strayed so far afield. I am praying desperately that the Lord would grant repentance to Perry, and to any who follow him in this matter. If you don’t attend Newspring, you should be praying for Noble. This man holds a lot of sway in the Evangelical Celebrity Industry, to borrow a phrase. To have him advancing such godless babble is representative of some of the spiritual winds sweeping America. We should urgently petition our Father that His Name once again be holy, and that His kingdom will once again come here among us.

Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Kyrie Eleision.



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4 responses to “Perry Noble and Planned Parenthood.

  1. Dylan

    So I go to NewSpring and I really do love going there for a couple of main reasons: People get saved every week, and my son is able to learn about God on his level. I also enjoy the challenging teaching and other ministries and fellowship but the main reasons are my son and life change.
    On the surface from the couple of phrases you used it does sound like an extremely evil thing to say (I’m not in any way saying you are twisting Perry’s words though), but as I read the entire article I understood more of what he was saying. He started the article off with this:
    #1 – I am unapologetically pro-life.
    #2 – To my knowledge I have never voted for a pro-choice candidate (and would find it difficult to ever do so.)
    #3 – I believe human life absolutely begins at conception, to disagree in light of more and more scientific data proving this point is nothing more than intellectual dishonesty.
    #4 – Abortion breaks my heart.
    #5 – This issue is very personal to me as my parents strongly considered aborting me (I found this out much later in life), and one of my best friends, Clayton King, was given birth rather than be aborted by his teenage mother.

    Perry has talked about abortion from the pulpit on multiple occasions and talked about abortion sensitively, because he understands how it affects everyone involved. Now, I’m not saying I totally like how he worded some of the things that he said in the post, but I do understand the context

    He is saying that by boycotting the Girl scouts and their cookies does not do anything but cast stones at them. It’s the same thing when people stand outside of abortion centers with signs, as if that is making some kind of a difference. People that get abortions, gays, ect. all know that Christians do not approve of their behavior. If your going to boycott them (which I dont know if you are) then the same people must boycott Disney, which has a week devoted to the gay community, and really any other organization that does not line up perfectly with Christian principles.

    Again, I’m not saying I like how Perry worded some of the phrases, but I understand why he said it. I personally think the bigger issue is that Christians as a whole just continue to bash each other. Jesus specifically prayed that we would be one as He and the Father are one. I have also done this so I’m not exempt from this statement.

    Perry ends by saying:

    Before you go, if you have ever had an abortion and have been hurt and/or wounded by those who call themselves Christians I would plead with you for your forgiveness. Christians are imperfect people (even though some pretend they are not.) I hope you know God loves you, Jesus gave His life for you and that even though there is nothing you can do about your past but putting your hope in Jesus will give you an amazing future.


    • Hey, Dylan, thanks for your comment.

      I would advise you to check out that blog post ( by Professor Duncan. He does a very good job of responding to the argument that Perry forwards there. There are a couple of lines of thought that you raise that he addresses, and I think you’d benefit from reading that post.

      I have a question: How is it throwing stones to remove potential funding from Planned Parenthood? Would you rather us fund abortions by donating money to them indirectly? It seems that you’ve bought the cultural lie that to disagree with someone is to hate them. I don’t buy it; why does refusing to fund abortion suddenly make me less Christ-like than those who are actively campaigning for the legalized slaughter of children?

      If you think that Christian’s should not be bashing each other, do you think your pastor overstepped that standard? After all, he continually calls those who oppose Planned Parenthood “Christians,” in quotations. Questioning their salvation because they have the gastrointestinal fortitude to put their money where their mouth is? That seems like bashing to me. Will you hold your pastor to the same standard? If not, why not?

      I look forward to hearing from you, Dylan!


      • Dylan

        I’m not saying that people should fund planned parenthood, however, I also do not think that the right response is to scream it from the mountain tops that they are boycotting it. It is not what they are doing, but rather how they are doing it.

        And I have not bought into any cultural lie. I do not support them, however, I do love them. I personally was affected by this when I was a young guy and the girl I was with got an abortion. It was the most awful thing I have ever been a part of, and it still affects me to this day. I have never agreed with abortion and even that day I was intensely angry at the doctor. Again, not supporting it is not the problem, screaming it from the mountaintop is.

        I do not see it as bashing, however, I can see how it can be seen as that. An example, my favorite preacher is Mark Driscoll. He once preached a message where he was talking negatively about Joel Osteen. I personally do not like Osteen, but it was wrong for him to do that in that manner. I still listen to Driscoll though. If Perry were to do that I would have an issue with it. That does not mean I would leave the church though. If Perry is saying that those who oppose Planned Parenthood in this way are not really Christians I would not agree, because I do not know each person and they probably are not meaning to cause harm, but rather stand up for what they believe.


      • Do you think Jesus was too harsh when He called the Pharisees a brood of vipers?