Three things you can do to fight abortion right now.

Did you know that since Roe v. Wade, over 57,000,000 unborn children have been legally murdered? Over 150,000 of those abortions have taken place this year. Here is an incredibly sobering comic that puts that number in perspective (although it is slightly dated, being a few weeks old). I have spilled a lot of digital ink in debating abortion and I sometimes feel like I’m banging my head against a wall. If you have ever shared in that experience, I want you to know there’s some light on the horizon: Here are three things you can do now, without leaving your chair, to fight abortion.


Prayer is the most important thing we can do to fight abortion. It is only by the gracious work of God that good is worked in the world. It is God who graciously invites us to call Him “Father.” He is more than pleased to give good things to His children when they ask Him. So ask Him!

If you struggle with prayer, a really cool resource I’ve found is the Online for Life Prayer App. When a woman contacts a pregnancy resource center, the app notifies you of the need and allows you to pray for her (she remains anonymous, obviously). It also (anonymously) lets you know when women choose life! This gives you a very easy and concrete way to pray for the people who need it most.


“I am going to spend at least 5 minutes each day praying for women considering #abortion”

If you know what is right and you do not speak up, you are an accomplice. As a pro-life individual who recognizes the evil of abortion, you have a moral duty to speak out against abortion in whatever capacity you have. Of course, that’s not always easy. Sometimes finding the right words to convey your point with both boldness and respect is very difficult. Education starts with yourself. To that end I must highly recommend Life Training Institute. Scott Klusendorf et al have put together a fantastic array of pro-life training materials, teaching how to rightly defend the pro-life position. Here’s a bonus link to their Advanced Pro-Life Apologetics course! I would also recommend the Issues, Etc. archives on abortion, which covers a huge variety of abortion related issues from a solid Lutheran perspective.

As for educating others, there are so many good resources available online. Apart from pointing people to the resources already listed, you ought to use social media to the best of your advantage. There are some great conversation starters over at Online for Life. Easily sharable pictures and videos make this about the easiest way possible to share information about your pro-life convictions.


I suppose that technically you may have to get up and find your credit card to complete this one. Still, this is a great way for you to support those men and women who are on the front lines of the abortion debate. You can choose to give to your favorite pro-life organization (here’s a list, but it’s not exhaustive, so look around!), or you could choose to support a pro-life candidate (someone like Lee Bright comes to mind, for instance). Of course, your vote is even more important than your donation, but more on that another time. Or consider donating to your local Crisis Pregnancy Center! There are lots of ways to put your money to work against the culture of death in America. Choose one and give generously!

There it is! Three things you can do to effectively combat abortion right now. I hope you will join me and millions of others in these three simple ways. Now I want to hear from you! What other simple ways do you know of to fight abortion? Tell me about them in the comments below, or on Twitter @johnnyis_.  Thanks for reading, and may God bless you in the fight!


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