Atheists encourage everyone to be good in cold, uncaring universe.

A billboard from the American Atheists Organization is causing God’s Christian Church throughout the world to quake in fear of their soon and certain defeat.


The evangelical atheist group American Atheists posted the sign to encourage closeted unbelievers to embrace their unbelief and skip church. “We want to make people think,” said atheist Rick Dickens, National Evangelism Director for American Atheists.

“You only have one life, and then death swallows up everything for which you ever hoped or dreamed. All ideas of human transcendence are bunk — God doesn’t exist to care about what we do. So we ought to be good just for goodness’ sake,” Rick also told us. “At the bottom of everything, the universe isn’t just or good. It’s indifferent. There is only the meaning that we ascribe to life.” He also pointed to the numerous examples of explicitly atheistic regimes in the 20th century. “America needs to separate religion from the public square. It just works,” Rick said.

While many Christian pastors are in a panic over the billboards, a few foolish holdouts remain. In response to the billboards, one Lutheran pastor remarked “No one comes to my church on Sundays in order to be good. They come to my church on Sundays because they’re not good, and they need to receive the Body and Blood of the One who was good for their sake.” A parishioner commented “The Christmas season is one of hope, and that’s exactly what atheism doesn’t offer.” They both insisted that if you were the kind of backward person who needs the delusion of hope in their life, you should contact a Lutheran church and speak with the pastor there.

I think it’s clear that this post is satirical and the quotes are (mostly) made up. The billboard, however, is very real. God be with you through this season of Advent and Christmas as you remember the only hope we have in life and death: Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners like you and I. 


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