I snagged a snazzy new domain name, and I thought this was as good a time as any to reboot, rethink, and reshape my blog.

I am starting a new posting schedule:

On Mondays I will post about topics related to Mormonism. Current events, witnessing encounters, and more, all covered with an eye toward the Latter-Day Saints. I look forward to these “Mormon Mondays.”

On Thursdays, for now at least, I’ll post something about the theology I’m studying (Theology Thursdays, if you’re keeping alliterative score at home). This will include time in the Lutheran Confessions, the Bible (especially original languages as I learn more of that) and other general theology things.

On the first Friday of each month, I plan on offering a “First Friday free-for-all,” curating some of my favorite articles, videos, and memes from the previous month.

That’s the plan for now. If this sounds like something that interests you, there are a couple of ways you can stay in touch:

  1. If you’re on WordPress, click on that nifty blue follow button on the right (or try this link).
  2. If you’re on Facebook (who isn’t, these days?) check out my page here.
  3. If you want an email whenever I update the blog (or at whatever frequency you’d like to receive my posts) put your email in the little box to the right and hit “Follow me!”

So what do you think of the new schedule ideas? Anything you’d add? Ditch? Change? Let me know via the comments below, or email me.

See you tomorrow for our now-regularly scheduled posting!



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