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I was on the radio.

At 11:30 AM EST you can go over to the KFUO live stream and listen to me talk with Andy Bates about my recent post at The Federalist. I’ll update this later with the listen-on-demand link.

I was on Faith and Family at KFUO, talking about language and worldview. I was much more enthusiastic than I sounded – I had a migraine all morning. Check out the interview here.

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My debut at The Federalist.

I had a short piece about fatherhood published over at The Federalist.

Every parent I know has developed a pregnancy pet-peeve. Most women I know have said theirs was unwanted touching of their blossoming baby bump. For my pregnant wife, it’s how total strangers suddenly feel the need to explain how little sleep we’re going to get once baby is born.

I don’t mind that so much, because I assume these are well-intentioned people trying to prepare us for an event we simply cannot understand yet. No, my pregnancy pet peeve was being called a “father-to-be.”

Our culture gets it exactly backward: Every man who has not yet reproduced — including my son, still in utero — is a father-to-be, by virtue of his potential ability to impregnate a woman. I was once a father-to-be, until my wife became pregnant. At that moment, even before we found out, I was, and always will be, a father.

You can read the full piece (and share it, please!) here.


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Mike Bickle: “Manifestations of the Spirit are at least 80% false.”

That’s all, folks. All y’all Pentecostals can come home to a good, confessional Lutheran church now. Mike Bickle (the founder of IHOPKC) said that at least 80% of the “manifestations of the Spirit” which take place in the global Pentecostal church  (“thousands of manifestation meetings worldwide”) are faked. (It’s in the first 20 seconds, but the whole video is important.)

Ah, yes, remember how the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians and told them that a little disorder in their church was okay, how they could enjoy the nonsense without believing it, and how 80% of their speaking in tongues could be babble? That’s definitely what he wrote, right?

This is key, though. The modern Pentecostal movement is based on signs and wonders. But Mike Bickle said that 80% of those are fake. What was it Jesus said about a house built on sand?

Suppose you were sick and you went to go see a doctor. If he introduced himself and said “Now, I only get the diagnosis right about 20% of the time,” would you stay and try your luck or would you get out of Dodge?

That’s the big question, then: If a major leader of your movement is openly admitting your movement is based on falsehoods, why stay in the movement? As I said before, so I say again: It’s time to leave Pentecostalism and come home. Lutheranism is waiting for you.

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Update: Published! and a return to regular scheduling.

Happy Monday, friends. Two posts today, of which this is the first, so be looking forward to a Mormonism Monday post. Here’s a brief update, though.

First, I have a short story that got published as an honorable mention in a writing contest. I’m very excited about that. I’d love for you to go and read that story, but be aware that it deals with a miscarriage and read at your own discretion. If you’re interested, click here.

Second, I’ve finished my crazy Latin intensive at school (I’m almost entirely done with Latin grammar, if I understand correctly) and I will be able to return to a more regular schedule of posting. That includes a Mormonism post today, so check back soon and read up on that.

That’s all I’ve got for now. See you soon.

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Schedule update. 

I’m taking a intense month long Latin course right now. As a result, I’m going to post Thursday’s only this month, and go from there. Thanks for your support! I’ll see you in a couple days. 

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I snagged a snazzy new domain name, and I thought this was as good a time as any to reboot, rethink, and reshape my blog.

I am starting a new posting schedule:

On Mondays I will post about topics related to Mormonism. Current events, witnessing encounters, and more, all covered with an eye toward the Latter-Day Saints. I look forward to these “Mormon Mondays.”

On Thursdays, for now at least, I’ll post something about the theology I’m studying (Theology Thursdays, if you’re keeping alliterative score at home). This will include time in the Lutheran Confessions, the Bible (especially original languages as I learn more of that) and other general theology things.

On the first Friday of each month, I plan on offering a “First Friday free-for-all,” curating some of my favorite articles, videos, and memes from the previous month.

That’s the plan for now. If this sounds like something that interests you, there are a couple of ways you can stay in touch:

  1. If you’re on WordPress, click on that nifty blue follow button on the right (or try this link).
  2. If you’re on Facebook (who isn’t, these days?) check out my page here.
  3. If you want an email whenever I update the blog (or at whatever frequency you’d like to receive my posts) put your email in the little box to the right and hit “Follow me!”

So what do you think of the new schedule ideas? Anything you’d add? Ditch? Change? Let me know via the comments below, or email me.

See you tomorrow for our now-regularly scheduled posting!


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Updates: School, Travel, and More.

Last semester I was very busy at school, and then left to take some time for travel with my wife. It was quite a wonderful trip; God’s providence allowed me to meet and talk to Mormon missionaries in almost every major city we visited!

I’m headed back to school soon, and will be neck-deep in Latin and Greek – I cannot wait! I missed academia.

I have been blessed with an opportunity to participate in a moderated interfaith discussion with Jeremy Goff. Jeremy is a Returned Missionary for the Latter-Day Saints, and a prominent LDS blogger. If you’re going to be in Charleston on July 24th, then check out more information about this event here.

That’s all for now. More updates to come soon, and hopefully a return to some regularity of posting.

God bless you.


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Atheists encourage everyone to be good in cold, uncaring universe.

A billboard from the American Atheists Organization is causing God’s Christian Church throughout the world to quake in fear of their soon and certain defeat.


The evangelical atheist group American Atheists posted the sign to encourage closeted unbelievers to embrace their unbelief and skip church. “We want to make people think,” said atheist Rick Dickens, National Evangelism Director for American Atheists.

“You only have one life, and then death swallows up everything for which you ever hoped or dreamed. All ideas of human transcendence are bunk — God doesn’t exist to care about what we do. So we ought to be good just for goodness’ sake,” Rick also told us. “At the bottom of everything, the universe isn’t just or good. It’s indifferent. There is only the meaning that we ascribe to life.” He also pointed to the numerous examples of explicitly atheistic regimes in the 20th century. “America needs to separate religion from the public square. It just works,” Rick said.

While many Christian pastors are in a panic over the billboards, a few foolish holdouts remain. In response to the billboards, one Lutheran pastor remarked “No one comes to my church on Sundays in order to be good. They come to my church on Sundays because they’re not good, and they need to receive the Body and Blood of the One who was good for their sake.” A parishioner commented “The Christmas season is one of hope, and that’s exactly what atheism doesn’t offer.” They both insisted that if you were the kind of backward person who needs the delusion of hope in their life, you should contact a Lutheran church and speak with the pastor there.

I think it’s clear that this post is satirical and the quotes are (mostly) made up. The billboard, however, is very real. God be with you through this season of Advent and Christmas as you remember the only hope we have in life and death: Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners like you and I. 

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Happy Advent (and my personal stuff).

I generally keep the personal posts to a minimum on this blog, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy liturgical new year! It’s Advent! Christ is coming soon. Amen.

I’ve been working on a fiction project for about a month now, and it’s really shaping up quite nicely right now. I hope to have most of the draft finished by the new year. If you’re interested in reading it, let me know. I’m compiling a list of about 10-15 first-round readers to give me feedback before my first round of revisions.

Thank you for your attention. That is all.

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The Wolf, the Sheep, and the Good Shepherd: A story about death.

There was once a wolf who tormented a flock of sheep. Every day he would come to them and swallow up as many of them as he could fit in his greedy mouth. Night after night, these sheep trembled as the wolf howled and prowled outside of their fold, never far from them.

The shepherd saw his trembling flock, and took pity on them. That night he covered himself in the wool from his sheep, and hid among them. He slept with them and ate with them until the wolf came again.

When the wolf came he saw the shepherd, and thought to himself “What a large sheep! Surely he will make a fine meal!” The shepherd stepped forward and the wolf swallowed him up. He was so full that he lay down contentedly in the middle of the field. The sheep saw this and scattered in fear. 

But soon they heard the wolf groaning and moaning. “Oh, what a terrible pain!” One by one the sheep snuck back to see the wolf writhing in agony. As the last sheep rejoined the flock, the wolf’s stomach suddenly burst open, and out tumbled the shepherd! He lead all of his sheep out of the belly of the wolf, who scampered off defeated into the woods.

Now, though the sheep still shudder from time to time at the baying of the wolf outside their fold, they are not afraid, for their Good Shepherd has walked into the belly of the wolf called Death and carved a path straight through for His sheep to follow. So it is for all who fall asleep in the Lord: They will follow Him in His resurrection, for He is the first fruits from among the dead.

Last week I was laughing with my father when we received the news of my cousin’s death. For now, he has fallen asleep. But soon — oh God may it be soon — he will rise bodily from the dead, for his Savior has already Risen. And when He comes He will gather His flock, awake and asleep, into a place where tears do not flow and life does not end and there is no dark night, for the glory of God will perpetually chase it away. Until then, pray for my family, especially his young wife and their children.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Amen.

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