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A Free Chrome Extension That Changes Abortion Into Murder

Since Ohio passed a law making abortion after a heartbeat can be detected illegal, pro-abortionists have been up in arms that anyone would dare to infringe on the brutal slaughter of children within the womb for the name of convenience. I got sick of reading news articles full of pretty euphemisms for abortion like “choice” and “reproductive rights.” So I did something about  it.

Introducing Abortion Is Murder.

Abortion Is Murder is a free extension for Google Chrome that changes sanitized, clean, approved pro-abortion euphemisms into words that relate the reality of abortion. So instead of “abortion,” you’ll get “murder.” Instead of “reproductive rights,” you’ll see “the right to kill babies in the womb.”


Exempli Gratia

This is more than a rhetorical exercise.

If you are pro-life, then this should help motivate you to do something today to fight the culture of death in which you live. This should help recenter your way of thinking about abortion: It is legalized murder. It is happening near you today. But be forewarned: Reading the news like this really makes pro-life concessions seem wimpy.

If you are pro-abortion (if you have the extension installed, that says pro-murder), installing this extension should help you understand what we are opposing. It should help you to read the news as we read the news.

This extension is free. Just click here and install it.


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