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Mike Bickle: “Manifestations of the Spirit are at least 80% false.”

That’s all, folks. All y’all Pentecostals can come home to a good, confessional Lutheran church now. Mike Bickle (the founder of IHOPKC) said that at least 80% of the “manifestations of the Spirit” which take place in the global Pentecostal church  (“thousands of manifestation meetings worldwide”) are faked. (It’s in the first 20 seconds, but the whole video is important.)

Ah, yes, remember how the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians and told them that a little disorder in their church was okay, how they could enjoy the nonsense without believing it, and how 80% of their speaking in tongues could be babble? That’s definitely what he wrote, right?

This is key, though. The modern Pentecostal movement is based on signs and wonders. But Mike Bickle said that 80% of those are fake. What was it Jesus said about a house built on sand?

Suppose you were sick and you went to go see a doctor. If he introduced himself and said “Now, I only get the diagnosis right about 20% of the time,” would you stay and try your luck or would you get out of Dodge?

That’s the big question, then: If a major leader of your movement is openly admitting your movement is based on falsehoods, why stay in the movement? As I said before, so I say again: It’s time to leave Pentecostalism and come home. Lutheranism is waiting for you.

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Baptismal Blasphemy.

By now you may have seen the slow-motion video of people being raised up, water streaming in sheets off their faces, lifting their hands in their baby blue “I have decided” shirts. The tears, the joy, the happiness — it’s all very compelling. Unfortunately, it’s nothing more than a compelling blasphemy. Steven Furtick and Elevation Church have been manipulating mass baptisms.

This isn’t a breaking story. James Duncan reported on this last year. However now that Furtick is being subjected to media scrutiny over his Million Dollar Mansion, his sketchy practices are becoming much more public.

I have only two thoughts to add to the milieu of voices already clamoring against this horrific practice. The first is that this is truly blasphemy of the highest order. The second is that it is consistent with mainstream evangelical theology as found in the Church Growth Movement. Continue reading


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