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A Free Chrome Extension That Changes Abortion Into Murder

Since Ohio passed a law making abortion after a heartbeat can be detected illegal, pro-abortionists have been up in arms that anyone would dare to infringe on the brutal slaughter of children within the womb for the name of convenience. I got sick of reading news articles full of pretty euphemisms for abortion like “choice” and “reproductive rights.” So I did something about  it.

Introducing Abortion Is Murder.

Abortion Is Murder is a free extension for Google Chrome that changes sanitized, clean, approved pro-abortion euphemisms into words that relate the reality of abortion. So instead of “abortion,” you’ll get “murder.” Instead of “reproductive rights,” you’ll see “the right to kill babies in the womb.”


Exempli Gratia

This is more than a rhetorical exercise.

If you are pro-life, then this should help motivate you to do something today to fight the culture of death in which you live. This should help recenter your way of thinking about abortion: It is legalized murder. It is happening near you today. But be forewarned: Reading the news like this really makes pro-life concessions seem wimpy.

If you are pro-abortion (if you have the extension installed, that says pro-murder), installing this extension should help you understand what we are opposing. It should help you to read the news as we read the news.

This extension is free. Just click here and install it.


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No one is anti-Lula, but @TellThemSC is anti-logic.

I have the honor of teaching our Youtherans at my church. A few weeks ago, after we had a discussion about abortion, the topic of a local ad campaign came up. Billboards have been posted up around town, including one just up the street from our church, that say “some lawmakers are anti-Lula,” with a picture of an adorable little girl (presumably Lula). Lula is a young lady who was conceived via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

While I may discuss this technique and why I oppose it another time, I’ll allow several interesting discussions to take that honor now. An answer about surrogacy from my own Synod, and a more complex discussion of the Roman church’s understanding at Bad Catholic (please remember that a link is not necessarily an endorsement, here). Additional information from my Synod about fertility issues may be found at Christian Life Resources. To this end of the discussion I must merely add that the fact that this child is being used in this manner seems indicative of the “Designer Baby” phenomenon.

In this post, however, I’d like to recount a few of the critiques our Youtherans raised in thinking critically about this ad campaign. They were remarkably quick to pick up on more than a few issues, the first of which being that the campaign is primarily designed to illicit an emotional response. After all, anyone who would oppose the cute little girl pictured is a monster, are they not? So by using words like “anti,” along with a sentimental image to cause the viewer to emote, this campaign bypasses critical thought. However we ought to throw a [citation needed] flag on the play: Which lawmakers, in particular, are opposed to allowing Lula to continue existing? Which laws are being introduced to destroy her and the other children conceived through IVF? As you might suspect, no one is brushing the dust off of their pitchforks and torches to hunt down Lula and her kinfolk.

So what is it that Tell Them actually means when they say people are anti-Lula? They mean only this: Many people in South Carolina and through the US have thought carefully about what goes on in IVF and have opposed it. There’s nothing malicious or anti-Lula about that; again, they rely on the emotive rather than the empirical. Their train of thought must run something like this:

  1. Group A opposes IVF.
  2. Lula came about via IVF.
  3. Therefore, group A is anti-Lula.

The Youtherans proposed that there might exist another little girl, named Lola, who came about as the result of a rape. They posited the following train of thought:

  1. Tell Them opposes rape.
  2. Lola came about via rape.
  3. Therefore, Tell Them is anti-Lola.

Now, I don’t think it necessary, but let me emphasize that our youth were merely making a Reducto Ad Absurdum argument — that is, they were reducing the opposing train of thought to absurdity, which their example clearly does. One can oppose the way that a human being came about for it’s obvious negative effects without simultaneously opposing the human being. Thus the Youtheran’s conclusion that what Tell Them had to say about our lawmakers was a weak attempt to demonize opposition and stifle conversation.

Lastly, something we talked about was the question “Does the end justify the means?” In other words, just because Lula came into being through IVF does that justify the fact that other children were produced and (often) destroyed or left as one of 400,000 embryos cryopreserved in the USA? Does one happy little girl justify a %40 or lower success rate, with many still-born or miscarried children lost along the way? Does the fact that good things can come out of a process mean we must use that process? Of course we soundly reject any such utilitarianism that reduces a child to a commodity, to be traded for and purchased at the expense of other lives. Human beings are not science experiments to be selected for, they are not products to be designed; they are precious, human persons, with value and dignity all of their own. Indeed, it is precisely because the children, like Lula, who are produced by IVF are so important and valuable that we oppose IVF and the subsequent destruction of those children!

It’s always a blessing to see that what we’re teaching the youth is sticking. May they, and you, continue to keep fighting death.

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Three things you can do to fight abortion right now.

Did you know that since Roe v. Wade, over 57,000,000 unborn children have been legally murdered? Over 150,000 of those abortions have taken place this year. Here is an incredibly sobering comic that puts that number in perspective (although it is slightly dated, being a few weeks old). I have spilled a lot of digital ink in debating abortion and I sometimes feel like I’m banging my head against a wall. If you have ever shared in that experience, I want you to know there’s some light on the horizon: Here are three things you can do now, without leaving your chair, to fight abortion.


Prayer is the most important thing we can do to fight abortion. It is only by the gracious work of God that good is worked in the world. It is God who graciously invites us to call Him “Father.” He is more than pleased to give good things to His children when they ask Him. So ask Him!

If you struggle with prayer, a really cool resource I’ve found is the Online for Life Prayer App. When a woman contacts a pregnancy resource center, the app notifies you of the need and allows you to pray for her (she remains anonymous, obviously). It also (anonymously) lets you know when women choose life! This gives you a very easy and concrete way to pray for the people who need it most.


“I am going to spend at least 5 minutes each day praying for women considering #abortion”

If you know what is right and you do not speak up, you are an accomplice. As a pro-life individual who recognizes the evil of abortion, you have a moral duty to speak out against abortion in whatever capacity you have. Of course, that’s not always easy. Sometimes finding the right words to convey your point with both boldness and respect is very difficult. Education starts with yourself. To that end I must highly recommend Life Training Institute. Scott Klusendorf et al have put together a fantastic array of pro-life training materials, teaching how to rightly defend the pro-life position. Here’s a bonus link to their Advanced Pro-Life Apologetics course! I would also recommend the Issues, Etc. archives on abortion, which covers a huge variety of abortion related issues from a solid Lutheran perspective.

As for educating others, there are so many good resources available online. Apart from pointing people to the resources already listed, you ought to use social media to the best of your advantage. There are some great conversation starters over at Online for Life. Easily sharable pictures and videos make this about the easiest way possible to share information about your pro-life convictions.


I suppose that technically you may have to get up and find your credit card to complete this one. Still, this is a great way for you to support those men and women who are on the front lines of the abortion debate. You can choose to give to your favorite pro-life organization (here’s a list, but it’s not exhaustive, so look around!), or you could choose to support a pro-life candidate (someone like Lee Bright comes to mind, for instance). Of course, your vote is even more important than your donation, but more on that another time. Or consider donating to your local Crisis Pregnancy Center! There are lots of ways to put your money to work against the culture of death in America. Choose one and give generously!

There it is! Three things you can do to effectively combat abortion right now. I hope you will join me and millions of others in these three simple ways. Now I want to hear from you! What other simple ways do you know of to fight abortion? Tell me about them in the comments below, or on Twitter @johnnyis_.  Thanks for reading, and may God bless you in the fight!

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Perry Noble and Planned Parenthood.

Perry Noble has recently published a particularly troubling blog post over on his site in which he makes the audacious claim that Planned Parenthood is “acting more Christlike” than a certain group of Christians — particularly those boycotting Girl Scout cookies this year because they allegedly raised funds for Planned Parenthood. Now, without diving into whether or not the Girl Scouts actually funded Planned Parenthood, and without responding to the entire article (the blessed Professor James Duncan has done a far better than adequate job of that already), I want to explore two lines of thought that occurred to me upon reading the drivel that dripped from Noble’s page.

The first problem with Noble’s approach is that it is blatantly hypocritical. He states “far too many ‘Christians’ always seem to be obsessed with the sins of others way more than their own faults and failures.” Pardon me, Perry… but what exactly are you doing in your post? Variating on this theme just slightly, Perry accuses us pro-lifers (and I do mean us as a group separate from Noble) of reducing the term abortion to nothing more than a “sin category,” which presumably means something we use to beat up on people and prove our self-righteousness. Yet in his post he is the one reducing the seriousness of abortion.

He says “abortion carries a scar so deep that most people never fully recover[.]” But the problem that pro-life advocates have with abortion is not that it makes people unhappy later in life — although having “locked eyes” with women who had abortions, I can agree with Perry that it is a guilt that is carried throughout life. No, the problem we have with abortion is that it destroys one of the little children whom Christ bids us bring to Him. So attempting to defund Planned Parenthood is not an effort to climb into heaven on the backs of abortionists or the women they scar, but instead it is an attempt to save precious lives and prevent emotional damage. On the other hand, Perry, by reducing the serious nature of abortion and using his new definition to beat up on those who fight death, has found his stone rolling back down on himself. He is striking out at the pro-life movement, even questioning their commitment to Christ, based on his so-called “sin category.” The great sin, in Noble’s mind is not the Slaughter of the Innocents — it is John the Baptist criticizing Herod.

Secondly, Perry makes the unholy and revealing statement that “It really is sad when Planned Parenthood and The Girl Scouts are actually acting more Christ like than many of the people who are taking aim at them through this boycott!” Read that several times. He just said that Planned Parenthood — an organization which, if on track with recent statistics, has already destroyed the lives of 31,000 unborn children this year — is acting Christ like. I almost want to leave this without commentary, but I simply cannot. Try and fathom, if you dare, what perversity Perry must have been thinking to write this kind of nonsense. To call America’s number one abortion provider “Christ like” is more than enough to disqualify you from any sort of public ministry; this is borderline demonic. Newspringers should be outraged over this: Your pastor has given tacit approval to the culture of death, and blasphemed your God while doing so. Perry, from my cheeto-stained fingertips to your ears: Please, repent of this! Calling Planned Parenthood Christlike is equivalent of saying Yahweh would rather we worship Him like the pagans worship Molech! Even if you want to outright accept the ad hominem attack (many would say the lie!) leveled at the pro-life movement that we don’t do enough for women, then criticize our position in a manner fitting your position (of course, it also might help if your church staff didn’t interfere with adoption efforts). But for a pastor to confuse The Life with death is great and terrible blasphemy.

I’ll close by saying that if you attend Newspring and you care even in the slightest for your wellbeing, you must wrestle with what your pastor said in this post. You cannot be silent on it. You must either approve of his words or call him to repent. And if he does not repent? You ought to leave. Noble is unfit to be a pastor and if you have any concern for your eternal state you will not subject yourself to this nonsense any longer. And just as a note, there is absolutely no rejoicing here. I am grieving that a man this influential in the lives of so many people I care deeply about has strayed so far afield. I am praying desperately that the Lord would grant repentance to Perry, and to any who follow him in this matter. If you don’t attend Newspring, you should be praying for Noble. This man holds a lot of sway in the Evangelical Celebrity Industry, to borrow a phrase. To have him advancing such godless babble is representative of some of the spiritual winds sweeping America. We should urgently petition our Father that His Name once again be holy, and that His kingdom will once again come here among us.

Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Kyrie Eleision.


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A chat with an abortion advocate [REPOST]

I think it was a good way to start my 21st year on earth. She was campaigning for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and I asked what Mrs. Colbert-Busch’s stance on abortion was.

“Elizabeth believes that abortion is a woman’s personal private choice.” Well this is why I cannot possibly stand beside Elizabeth. I categorically deny that a woman has the right to choose to end the life of her child.

“Well, we appreciate your opinion, but you cannot force it on others.” Ma’am, I’m not speaking in the realm of opinions. I am saying that it is actually and truly wrong for anyone to end the life of their child by abortion. This is a moral claim more akin to the statement ‘insulin treats diabetes’ than it is to ‘vanilla is the best flavor of ice-cream.’ You’re the one forcing abortions on the 3,000 children aborted every year, and violating their right to live.

“No, sir, you’re stating an opinion, and no one’s opinion is better than anyone else’s.” Of course they are, otherwise you wouldn’t disagree with me. Are all opinions equally valid and true? “Of course!” Then you agree with me that it’s wrong to kill children, because my opinion, as you call it, is equally valid and as true as your opinion.

“Well sir, a child isn’t a child until it’s been born.” What’s the difference? A few inches travel? “It’s no longer dependent on the mother.” It’s still largely dependent on the mother! “It has the breath of God in its lungs.” God says that He knit us together in our mother’s womb and that He knew us before we were born.

“Sir, read the Hebrew Bible.” Ma’am, I just quoted the Hebrew Bible to you. Ha-Shem makes it clear that life begins before the moment of birth. “Sir, read the Hebrew Bible.”

At this point she walked away rapidly. I kid you not. She just. walked. away. Power-walked, in fact.

I did not edit or rephrase this: As best as I remember this is true to our conversation. It was telling, to say the least. 

Here are a few thoughts about this encounter that I hope help you next time you talk to someone with these or similar convictions:

  • Remember to always use accurate vocabulary. By referring to the unborn as a child (what it is) rather than a fetus (its current developmental stage) we trade sterilized language for words that make our point clear: At stake is a human life and we are not willing to let that go so flippantly. 
  • Stay on their level. Obviously I could have just turned to scripture right from the start, but there is no way of knowing that she accepts scripture as authoritative. By waiting until she brought it up, I engaged her where she was. 
  • Be polite, yet persistent. Again, with human lives being lost every day to this horror, let us be dogged in the opportunities that are afforded us. I could have simply said “agree to disagree” and left it at that. Hopefully she’ll remember the guy who stood next to her and patiently engaged her, disagreeing without being disagreeable.
  • One thing I wish I had done: Chuckle a bit. Disarm them by asking something like “why would you believe a silly thing like that?” when they say a fetus isn’t a child, or a woman has an open-ended right to choose. This is not derisive laughter at someone, it’s bemused laughter about a silly idea. A jovial nature is impressively helpful when discussing something so intense as abortion, so the laughter helps to set the tone.

I hope that this exchange is enlightening and helpful for you. It was certainly an interesting experience first-hand. May God use us all to love and serve even our tiniest of neighbors!


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